SunPower Solar Panels, Replacement Windows, Insulation,

and Spray Foam Insulation

Clear Efficiency is a Solar energy equipment supplier in Roseville CA.  We retrofit residential homes with SunPower Solar Panels, Replacement Windows, Insulation, and Spray foam insulation to make them more comfortable and energy efficient in Roseville CA servicing the greater Sacramento California area.

You can make a big impact on the comfort inside your home with energy efficient home improvements.  Clear Efficiency is a licensed solar energy contractor and Certified Professional Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute (BPI). We use thermal imaging and building science to make recommendations on how to reduce your energy consumption with our insulation and window installation service, and produce clean electricity with Sunpower solar panels.

Clear Efficiency is part of an elite group of contractors that have partnered with Pearl Certification. We have our work certified by Pearl Certification and provide you with a detailed report of the energy-efficient products that were installed. This report also includes an appraisal addendum and serves as a roadmap for your realtor and home appraiser. Pearl Certification will make sure you receive the highest value for the improvements you had done by making the appraiser line item out the specific upgrades and assign the current market value of the improvements when appraising your home’s value the next time you refinance or sell your home.


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Clear Efficiency is a Certified Contractor with the industries most trusted names

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Reduce AND Produce with the Best Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Chances are, you’re spending much more on utility bills than you need to be!

Clear Efficiency is a Certified Professional Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute (BPI), we view the home as a system when solving your home comfort equation.  Using the latest infrared imaging technology we will point out leaks in your home’s thermal envelope, deficiencies in insulation, and other opportunities to stop heat loss and reduce energy consumption while improving the comfort of your home.

We will provide an estimate of a customized solution using the best energy efficient home improvements with Owens Corning Insulation, Spray foam insulation, and Replacement Windows to reduce energy consumption and then utilize SunPower Solar panels to virtually eliminate your electric bill.

We can provide 15 to 25 Thermal images of your home and a video assessing the current attic insulation. This valuable information will help you make better decisions in taking the next step to Reduce AND Produce your energy needs.

Are you Clear on the Efficiency of your home?

What Clients Say


I didn’t think about insulation but met Jesse at Auburn Home show and he offered a thermal inspection. I was impressed that as the owner he was doing shows, doing the inspection, estimating, scheduling of the job, arranged zero financing and was on site managing and ensure it got done right, They sealed all the air leaks around ceiling seams and ceiling lights and we had a ton of them. Sprayed in additional insulation and were in and out fast, no mess no fuss. House is noticeably cooler –i.e, there is little temperature change during the day or night. Before the job we would be running A/C anytime we topped 80. today hit 90 and interior was 74 when I got home with no air. This winter should be nice and cozy.

Dan McCann

I had insulation blown into attic and new windows installed by Clear Efficiency. Craftsmanship was impeccable and am more than happy with the final product. Our house is warmer and the windows and slider look great. Jesse (owner) truly cares about his customers and would recommend him to anyone. I look forward to having more projects done by Clear Efficiency.

Daniel Martinez

I was very pleased with the work done by Clear Efficiency.  In fact, once I was convinced to use this company to provide the insulation for an apartment complex, I asked them to evaluate my own home. They did both jobs and were timely, respectful and communicated through videos the work in progress.

Gayle R.

Jesse came out to diagnose our leaky window and spent several hours going over it, our insulation level (turns out its pretty good) and other places where we were losing efficiency. His FLIR tool proved the window turned out not to need fixing. I am glad I asked him to come as I would have probably paid another company for a costly new window I didn’t need.

Matthew Butler

on a 1 to 5 scale it was a 5+. Jesse the president delivered on Everything he promised. Jesse is very knowledgeable in his field and is using the latest technology to create the most efficient system with out wasted time or expenses.  Jesse is a strong communicator and follows up very quickly.  A genuine nice guy.

Lynn LePage

I would highly recommend having Jesse come out and evaluate your house.  He uses the latest infrared imaging technology to locate leaks, issues with insulation, etc.  He is very professional and really puts you at ease.  He comes up with a tailor made plan for you and your house.  I’m looking forward to when we get our windows replaced.  I definitely will be going with Clear Efficiency.

Theresa H.

Jesse, the president of Clear Efficiency came out to my house himself to provide a free estimate of the products and services that he recommends.  Jesse was extremely professional and very easy to talk to.  He took a lot of time to answer my questions and to perform a thorough review and analysis of my entire house.  His report covered inside, outside and he even went into my attic.  When he was done, he explained all parts of his report and went into detail with how his products would help me save money and live a healthier life!  I appreciate that he took the time to research and choose quality products that will work well and last a long time.  I did not know how unhealthy the insulation in my attic was and I love how the product he recommends instead is completely organic.  As a person who likes to “go green” whenever possible AND a parent of two small children this is very important to me. It was clear that he is extremely knowledgeable in the space of home efficiency and that he has worked in this industry for many years.  I would highly recommend Clear Efficiency and I am looking forward to working with Jesse to make my home more green and efficient.

Kevin F.

The windows are high quality and look great. Well worth the cost which was competitive.
Additionally, the customer service and speed of service were exceptional. I will be hiring
Jesse and his team again!!

Anne Marks

Efficient, neat, excellent customer service. Arrived on time. Worked quickly, quietly and
cleaned afterwards. Very friendly.

Mike McCormick

Jesse McDonald provided a professional review of existing insulation using advanced technology, plan to remove and replace existing insulation was completed Crews scheduled timely, communication of all specifications was clear and concise Crews were on time, very professional, protected any and all exposed areas prior to install Crews were professional after install, cleared all areas of any debris and performed walk thru with me as customer after required work was completed. I highly recommend Clear Efficiency.

Garry Crawford
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