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Clear Efficiency


Clear Efficiency is a locally owned and operated home improvement company established to help homeowners gain control of their home’s comfort and energy costs using Solar, Windows, and Insulation so they can Thrive in comfort.  This approach has been very effective in helping homeowners finally experience the freedom of ridiculous utility bills.

Meet the Business Owner

Jesse M.
From the Business Owner:
     With over fourteen years of experience in the Home Improvement industry, I’m very passionate about helping homeowners get control of the efficiency of their homes. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of homes that are constantly leaking energy and with utility rates on the rise now is the time to get clear on the efficiency of your home.

     We will take the time to understand your challenges and your goals so we can recommend the solution to get the results you want.  Using techniques and methods taught by the building performance institute we will use the latest infrared imaging technology to find out where we can make the biggest impact in the comfort of your home.

Our Values

We will help you anyway that we can!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your job.

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