Clear Efficiency is a Certified Contractor with Renovate America and is proud to offer HERO and Benji Financing!

You can click this link and get approved for both HERO and Benji by filling out only 1 application.

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HERO Financing

HERO Financing is part of the PACE programs.  PACE stands for Property Assesed Clean Energy and can be a great way to finance energy efficiency improvements to your home.  It is repaid usign the property taxes so qualifing is much easier because the decision is based more on the equity of the home and the improvment being done rather than your credit score and financial history. With very competitive fixed rates terms can be extened up to 25 years making the monthly payments very afforodable to got more done now.
Make a big impact with $0 down and enjoy your savings right away!  Click to apply and see your spending power.

Benji Financing

Benji financing is a great option to help you improve the efficiency of your home.  Benji offers terms up to 12 years making the monthly payments fit into your budget, there are also some short term 0% interest options that allow you to buy now and pay later.  Benji is not tied to the property taxes rather your personal credit instead.  Click the link and see how much spending power you are approved for.

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