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You want to be in control of your home’s comfort and energy costs. What you may not know is “Stack and Draft” is a powerful force working against you.  If you are enduring icy cold floors in the winter and sweaty hot air in the summer inside your home, you’re going to want to find out how to control the “Stack and Draft.”

Is there an area of your home that is always hotter or colder than the rest? 

It may be a particular room or it could feel like the whole home just isn’t able to stay at the temperature you want.  You may have tried to adjust your thermostat or plugin space heaters to compensate for it only to get surprised with a ridiculous utility bill.

It’s frustrating to continue paying for escalating utility costs day in and day out, knowing your home is wasting energy.  With out-of-control energy rates, yesterday’s mortgages are today’s utility bills. Doing nothing is your most expensive option.

Why is my home leaking energy so bad? 

 “Stack and Draft,” powered by mother nature herself, is accelerating the air escaping taking your hard-earned money.  To understand “Stack and Draft,” let’s take a look at an example of a typical home…

 The ceiling, floor, and exterior walls form a perimeter where the inside meets the outside. This perimeter is called the envelope.  When we heat the home, the hot air rises to the ceiling and starts “Stacking” creating pressure.  There are many escape routes for the hot air to find its way out quickly. Every cubic foot of air that escapes, another cubic foot of air needs to replace it by sucking a “Draft” in from the home’s floor.

 Shortly after the heater turns off, it seems like the warm, comfortable air just disappeared! The more you turn up your thermostat, the more “Stack” is applied to the ceiling, accelerating the icy cold “Draft” right behind it.

In the summer, the “Stack and Draft” process is reversed.  When you run your A/C, the refreshingly cool, dense air falls to the floor and begins to “Stack.” The increasing pressure rushes out and sucks a “Draft” from the 135-degree sweaty hot air in the attic, dragging with it the decades of built-up dust, pollen, allergens, and all the other microparticulate matter that has settled into your attic.  A never-ending cycle causing the upstairs to be hot and the downstairs to be cold with dusty indoor low air quality.

Typical contractors will tell you to blow in more insulation.  Why not just add more insulation?

Imagine walking outside on a brisk morning with a breeze that felt like it was cutting right through your sweater.  You could put on another sweater to help a little, but it won’t stop the chilling breeze.  The best is to put on a thin windbreaker to block the breeze and let the sweater retain your body heat. That’s because an air barrier combined with a thermal barrier works together for the best comfort.

Blow in Insulation doesn’t stop air leakage.

That’s why for the best results, you need to Airsulate™.

Where is the air leaking?

You will be shocked how many holes are in your home!  Most of them are hidden from your sight under layers of trim and moldings.

Your home was most likely built “close enough” when all of the materials came together.  Holes cut for doors, windows, recessed lights, exhaust fans, HVAC, duct registers and returns, wires, plumbing, chimneys, and interior walls are much bigger than needed leaving ample room for the “Stacked” air to flow through. 

The Envelope

Remember, the envelope is the perimeter line where the inside meets the outside. The envelope is the area you need to focus on to control the “Stack and Draft.”  Because hot air rises and cold air falls, the ceiling and floors are the highest priority, followed by the walls.

A majority of the holes are located in the attic on the other side of the ceiling.  Typically roofs are vented to the outside; therefore, your attic is outside the envelope.  The attic is where most of the recessed lights, exhaust fans, HVAC, duct registers and returns, wires, plumbing, chimneys, and interior walls are cut into the envelope with plenty of room, leaving your home to leak like a sieve.

You don’t have to choose to sacrifice your family’s comfort by setting the thermostat to avoid getting a ridiculous bill! 

You work hard and have earned the right to live in a comfortable home.  With Airsulate™, you can get the biggest gain in your comfort by attacking the “Stack and Draft” where it’s most vulnerable.  Airsulate™ is like giving your home another sweater with a windbreaker together for the best comfort.  Airsulate™ uses a combination of two different insulation types; the first layer controls the air leakage, and the second retains the heat from radiating through the envelope.

Clear Efficiency is based in Roseville, and we are elite Pearl Certified insulation experts.  We proudly received the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2019 and 2020 for all grade “A” reviews from our clients.  We have 5-star ratings overall on Google and Yelp with glowing reviews.  We have helped many of your neighbors get precisely the results they wanted.


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You and your family deserve comfort without the unnecessary concerns of dealing with traditional contractors. With our professional team, we make it easy to get Airsulate™, and your install is completed in one-day because your experience and satisfaction is our priority.


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2020 has reminded us of how important it is to spend time with our family at home. You deserve to thrive in comfort without trying to avoid another ridiculous utility bill.

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