The Best HVAC System in the World Won’t Stop Air Leaks, but with Airsulate™ Insulation You Can Put a Stop to High Energy Bills

Whether you’ve got a multi-story home, single-story home, or split level the way that heat and air move through your space can play a major role in your daily comfort. More importantly, it can have a serious impact on how expensive your heat and air bills get, especially when the “stack and draft” effect is constantly changing indoor temperatures due to air rising, falling, and leaking out.

Here’s how to tell if your home isn’t properly insulated and if “stack and draft” is in full effect under your roof:

  1. You’re routinely paying high energy bills that don’t seem to match your home’s everyday temperature settings.
  1. Rooms are cold throughout the winter even if you have the heat turned up high.
  1. Your home feels sweaty and hot during the summer even if your air conditioner is pumping out cold air.

If any of these match your current living space then it’s time you turned to Airsulate™ Insulation. An innovative insulation process that’s far more affordable and goes far beyond standard blow-in R19 insulation, we can help your home maintain a more balanced temperature all year-round to help reduce energy costs, improve comfort, and even reduce long-term wear on your HVAC system.

Understanding the “Stack and Draft” Effect

Stack and Draft effect with Red arrows showing the air leaking through the ceiling

At each point where your walls come together to meet the floor and ceiling, there are small gaps in the construction that allow air to escape and HVAC systems to work overtime. And while it may seem like a complicated term, it can actually be broken down into three simple concepts.

The Rise and Fall of Air

The stack and draft effect occurs as warm air begins to rise, and cold air starts to fall. When these temperature changes reach the “envelope” in walls, ceilings, or floors it can cause heat to escape from the top and cold air to be pulled in from the bottom.

Overworked HVAC System

High energy bills don’t just happen because you enjoy more warmth in colder months, and you love the cool in the summer. The stack and draft effect is constantly pushing your thermostat hard, which means the entire HVAC system is working overtime.

Year-Round “Energy” Leak

The worst thing about the stack and draft effect is that it’s not limited to certain times of the day, nor does it happen in only extreme temperatures. Without proper insulation, your house can constantly be pushing utility costs higher and out of reach.

Save Money. Stop Leaks. Choose Airsulate™.

Many contractors will tell you to add R-19 insulation and call it a day. But the truth is that R-19 alone isn’t enough to control stack and draft and it’s an expensive band-aid that won’t provide you with long-term results.

Airsulate is a full-service insulation process that seals attic floors, ceilings, and walls with non-toxic insulation that prevents leaks, increases home energy efficiency, and keeps your spaces feeling more comfortable all year-round. Don’t do the bare minimum; choose Airsulate today and regain control over your home’s comfort.

Don’t Just Insulate—Airsulate™

Clear Efficiency is based in Roseville, and we are elite Pearl Certified insulation experts.  We proudly received the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2019 and 2020 for all grade “A” reviews from our clients.  We have 5-star ratings overall on Google and Yelp with glowing reviews.  We have helped many of your neighbors get precisely the results they wanted.


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You and your family deserve comfort without the unnecessary concerns of dealing with traditional contractors. With our professional team, we make it easy to get Airsulate™, and your install is completed in one-day because your experience and satisfaction is our priority.


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2020 has reminded us of how important it is to spend time with our family at home. You deserve to thrive in comfort without trying to avoid another ridiculous utility bill.

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